D5w Solution Is Being Infused At 50 Ml Hr D5w Stands For 5 Dextrose Glucose In W

 D5W solution is being infused at 50 ml/hr. D5W stands for 5% dextrose (glucose) in water. How much glucose is the patient going to receive after 12 hours of infusion? (consider that ml = g)

2. A Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) solution contains 8.25% amino acids in it. If the patient needs 75 grams of protein (amino acids) per day, how much of the TPN solution should the patient receive per day?

3. An IV solution containing 0.025% of Drug X has been infusing since 6 AM at 100 ml/hr. How much of drug X will the patient receive by noon?

4. An IV solution contains 0.0175% of Drug Z. How much of this IV solution should be infuses, if the patient needs 100 mg of Drug Z? (remember: 1g = 1000 mg)

  1. 5. .A tube-feeding formula is administered to a patient via Gastrostomy at 75 ml/hr. The formula contains 6.5% protein. How much protein will the patient receive in the entire day, if the feeding must be held (stopped) for 2 hours before and 2 hours after the administration of Dilantin twice a day?
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