Data Analysis 6

I just want to know if you know how to do data analysis for research questionnaire?

These are the hypothesis of the research:

H1: The creativity and innovation can be a source of competitive advantage

H2: There is a strong relationship between innovation and productivity

H3: There is a strong relationship between creativity and productivity

Analysis using: Descriptive static analysis, and statistical reliability tests will be conducted.

SPSS program need to be done for data analysis

And the below are the research objectives:

  1. To define how creativity and innovation can be a source of competitive advantage.
  2. To explore methods used for measuring creativity and innovation in the public sector.
  3. To identify the factors that lead to staff creativity at the Central Bank of Oman.
  4. To check if there is a relationship between innovation, creativity and productivity.
  5. To recommend innovation process that can be implemented at Central Bank of Oman.
  6. To check how IT technology can be used inside the Central Bank of Oman to enhance innovation.

The questionnaire questions and responses are attached for your reference.

I need about 8 pages.

It will be appreciated if this can be done in two days as it is urgent

Please let me know if you need further details.

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