deliverable 5 nursing informatics scope of practice


Evaluate the role and scope of practice for nursing informatics.


You are a clinical educator in the education department of a regional healthcare facility and you have been asked to prepare an infographic (i.e. Venngage, Visme, Snappa, Google Charts, Piktochart) for the local University’s Nursing Student Association’s Annual Conference next week. They have asked you to showcase a specialty in the nursing profession that has changed healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Your supervisor suggested showcasing the various roles and scope of practice for nursing informatics as it is often not as prevalent to student nurses, as other specialties.


The infographic guidelines need to include the following elements:

  • Identify various roles of Nursing Informaticists.
    • Describe specific settings within your community that nursing informatics could be used
    • Identify two Nursing Informatics organizations or journals to provide attendees with more information.
  • Explain how the building blocks of Nursing Informatics prepare nurses for practice
  • Examine defining characteristics from the scope of practice for nursing informatics
    • Describe educational requirements for the role
  • Analyze the past, current, and future impacts of nursing informatics on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
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