description essay 11

The first graded essay on description is a five paragraph essay. The topic is your own choice. The formatting is the same as the practice essay. The essay should contain a minimum of 500 words. It should be typed in MLA format, in Times New Roman, and typed in 12 inch font. It should have 1 inch margins, and should be double spaced. It should be saved in a .doc format. There should be a header in the very upper right-hand corner of the page with your last name and the page. The upper left-hand corner of the page should contain your name, the professor, the class/assignment, and the date. There should be a title that is based on your own original approach to telling the story that focuses on the purpose of the essay in an intriguing way. There should be an introduction with a topic sentence that is an attention getter, as it focuses on a way to draw the reader into the paper by posing a question, stating an anecdote, or presenting an interesting statement in terms of giving the reader a glimpse of what the paper will be about. The introductory paragraph presents a chronological overview of the main points in each paragraph of the essay building to a clear and specific thesis on the main idea of your paper that defines the overall purpose of the essay at the end of the introductory paragraph. The reasoning behind the thesis should be stated in three main points that will outline the main idea in each of the three body paragraphs. Each paragraph is to only contain information pertaining to that one main idea proving the thesis. There should be three body paragraphs in a chronological ordering of events from the least important in terms of proving the thesis, to the most important in the fourth paragraph, in order to gradually build towards proving the main point of telling your experience. Each idea or claim made should be described in detail to gradually connect to the next point cohesively in each paragraph that builds to the main point at the end of each paragraph. The conclusion sentence of each paragraph should explain how the paragraph proves the thesis. One paragraph should transition to the next by connecting the main idea in the last paragraph to the present in the topic sentence of each body paragraph. There should be a conclusion paragraph in the fifth paragraph that sums up how you proved the main point of the essay by reiterating the examples and illustrations you presented in each body paragraph to prove your claims, as well as to indicate the life lessons and values learned to put the purpose of your paper in a greater context. Think about your reader. Review the rhetorical situation as follows: purpose, audience, and genre. Purpose asks the following question: what is the main point of telling the story? Audience poses the question as follows: who are you writing to? Think about what readers would be the most interested in reading your story. How does this impact the way you write and tell your story? Genre asks the following question based on description: what are the most pertinent sensory details of imagery to highlight throughout the essay?

Writing about your favorite vacation, your favorite holiday, a concert, a leadership experience, a sporting event, any other special event, or your most memorable experience in school are good examples of topics to be thinking about for your essay. Choose one topic and focus on something specific in terms of the purpose of telling the story with vivid sensory details, such as colors, sights, smells, sounds, textures, etc. It is up to you in regards to what specific topic you would like to write about for the descriptive essay that counts as part of the 90% of your grade.

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