desert exile review

write four pages review and a powerpoint presentation about this book Desert Exile the book will be attached.

and for the class book that you need to connect with novel just email me and i will send to you the file is too big to be added here (

four (4) pages (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Components:

Part 1: (2 pages) 1) Outline of the story (narrative) 2) Description of the important characters (narrative) 3) Discussion of identity development of main character (see theories from class in our text book) (narrative)

Part 2: (2 pages) 4) Analysis: (narrative) Use one theory or model discussed in class/the text book to explore/analyze, with specific examples from both the novel and the theory, on communication issue raised in the book (examples: conflict management; cross-cultural interaction; negotiating power; role of language in communication; importance of context and/or status; how people cope with cultural transitions) Some of the models or theories that you may use include: ï‚· Kluckhon and Strodtbeck Value Orientations (Chapter 3) ï‚· Five conflict management styles (handout) ï‚· Four models of cultural adaptation (Chapter 8) ï‚· Targeted/Privileged Identity (in book: Minority/Majority Identity Development) (Chapter 5) Nota Bene: Analysis: Explain one of the theories from the course/text book to analyze/discuss, with specific examples from both the novel and main character in terms of her or his cross-cultural interactions and/or multicultural identity/ies. Show how the theory helps explain the experience of the main character. ï‚· Your paper should be about 1/2 descriptive (approximately 2 pages) and 1/2 analytical (approximately 2 pages) = 4 pages ï‚· Purpose of the second half (i.e. use of the model or theory is to demonstrate understanding of the novel)

Part 3: Include a concluding paragraph (1/2 page) of self-reflection on your personal learning from the novel, regarding cross-cultural interactions and/or relationships.

Novel Analysis Presentation: Completed Power Point

Length: 10 minutes Components (narrative): A description of the “essence” of the story; some background (culture, history, of setting, etc.); a description of the characters and their relationships to one another; a discussion on how the main character developed into the person he or she was.

Analysis: Use one of the theories from the course/text book to analyze/discuss, with specific examples from both the novel and the theory, the main character in terms of her or his cross-cultural interaction and/or multicultural identity. Explain the theory and show how the theory helps understand the experiences of the main character. Give examples from the theory and specific examples of the main character’s experiences that illustrate the theory. Fifty percent of the presentation should be about the components section and fifty percent should be about the analysis section.

Format: You prepare and conduct an individual presentation (10 minutes).

Guidelines: Please follow the Guidelines in the section for your presentation: ï‚· The delivery of your Power Point presentation (8-10 slides) needs to be 10 minutes in length. On each slide, please keep the amount of text to a minimum. For example, an approach with two to three lines with one to three words per line is usually considered professional in the U.S. and required for this presentation. ï‚·

Visual Aid: You must have a Power Point for your presentation. Use two or three bullet points (lines) with two or three words in general to limit the amount of language in your Power Point so that the audience focuses on you, the presenter. Images/Photos/Clip Art: You are required to use your own original photography and/or art work. Taking a picture of only the cover of your book could likely constitute a copyright violation. If your book is in a setting with other items, e.g. on a desk with a coffee cup, etc., it would likely be okay to include in your presentation. In addition, due to very possible copyright violations, you are Not allowed to copy pictures, photos and clip art off of the internet because most are copyrighted. You must use your own original work.

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