developed writing project 2 analysis of landrieu speech 1


4-5 pages (typed, double-spaced)

Audience: A class much like this one and a teacher much like me – your readers have not read or listened to Mitch Landrieu’s speech and like his audience, they might not know much about the specific histories of confederate monuments.

Mitch Landrieu’s speech about why New Orleans took down its confederate monuments is widely regarded as rhetorically strong. There are many ways the speech can be analyzed; however, for this assignment, it’s important that you stay focused on the instructions below. (For instance, you might want to look at his use of repetition, which is masterful – but then you would be off topic.)

For this essay, we will be analyzing the reasoning of his argument, as well as considering his intended audiences. Thinking about his intended audience also means analyzing how he works to create a positive appeal to ethos. For this paper, analyze Landrieu’s argument—his reasoning, as well as how he works to develop a positive appeal to ethos. (That is, how he shows himself as trustworthy and a person of good character.)

➢ First give your readers an overview of the rhetorical situation. Explain who Mitch Landrieu is and why he is making the speech. This should include an overview of the different audiences he wants to reach. Be sure to consider that while he was speaking directly in New Orleans, that he is likely to have known and intended that the speech would be heard nationally.

➢ Next, articulate the argument he makes to support his claim that the confederate monuments needed to be taken down. This part of your paper will focus on his reasoning and will make up a big chunk of your paper.

➢ After you have articulated the argument, consider how he has worked to consider the different audiences he wants to reach. How does work to create common ground, as well as show himself as a person of good character?

➢ Finally, in your concluding paragraphs, discuss what you can take from this analysis. (We may not all have the opportunity to address our city or the nation, but we all need to persuade people sometimes.)

Key Learning Outcomes:

• Develop an effective process of reading for comprehension.

• Develop an effective writing process—including prewriting, drafting, revision, and self-evaluation.

• Analyze the elements of academic texts—particularly argument, genre, audience, context, purpose, and strategies.

• Articulate in writing key rhetorical concepts.

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