digital self cmst 3250 j b walther amp sherry turkle discussion question

**** The minimum wood count I could choose on study soup was 2 single spaced pages. You will see in the instructions I ONLY NEED EACH ANSWER TO BE 200 WORDS (1 PAGE DOUBLE SPACED FOR EACH ANSWER)**** So no need to do it single spaced. Thank you so much!

1. In the Internet’s infancy, a debate raged about whether the internet would lead to shallow or deeper interpersonal connection. Some writers, like Walther, worried that the reduced cues in early computer mediated communication would be harmful for social development and civil society. Why?

Others, like Sherry Turkle, saw text-based communication like IRC and MUDS as wonderful opportunities for more authentic performances and deeper connection. Why?

In a response of approximately 200 words (1 page), review the Walther reading and the 2 Turkle readings from Week 7. Explain why Turkle saw things so differently from Walther – even though both were effectively researching the same text-based environments

Please include 1 reference to Walther and 2 references to Turkle in your response (no bibliography required, just page numbers in in-text cites).

2. After being so positive about the potential of the internet in her 1990’s book Life on the Screen, Turkle certainly seems negative in her TED talk circa. 2012 about how the internet and related digital technologies have actually changed our personal performance norms and the potential for authentic connection.

After reading chapters 7 & 9 of Alone Together, identify 3 hopes she articulated in Life on the Screen That are dashed or at least downplayed in the Alone Together chapters. Your response should be approx. 200 words (equivalent to 1 page) and include 3 cites to ideas, arguments or quotes from chapters 7 & 9 of Alone Together.

Link to TED Talk:

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