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Discussion Board: Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen

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Chapter 17

  • Which perspective best describes our political institution here in the US: structural functionalism (pluralism) or social conflict (power elite)? Be sure to explain your choice and use at least one example to support your position.

Chapter 18

  • Thinking of the US as a capitalist nation with some socialist elements, what are at least two ways you directly benefit from government intervention in the economy?
  • Who or what was responsible for the Triangle Fire? What were some of the consequences for work and labor as a result of this tragedy? What’s your personal response to this story?
  • Chapter 19
    • What is your reaction to the content of the videos about food deserts? Are you surprised? Do you have any personal experiences that connect?
    • Apply one of the three major theoretical perspectives to the content of the video. How would a sociologist understand food deserts?

    Chapter 21

    • Name a current or historical social movement and describe
      • It’s ideological commitment to promote or resist social change
      • The cultural codes it challenges
    • What, if any, social changes have you noticed since the last presidential election?
    • Discussion Board: Course Reflection

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      Reflect back on the last seven weeks:

      • What are your big takeaways from the course? In other words, what are 1 or 2 things that you learned that you believe will stick with you after the course is over?
      • Were you surprised by anything you learned in the class? Explain.
      • Do you think that you’ll continue to think like a sociologist after the course? Why or why not?

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