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Niche Hotel Group operates distinctive hotels in major cities throughout the United States. It has an enthusiastic, talented, and racially diverse workforce. The company’s vice president of human resources, Monique Johnson, meets weekly with the chief executive to review NHG’s performance in attracting and developing talent. Recently, Monique learned that at one hotel, a manager had received complaints of an assistant manager embarrassing male servers in the sushi bar because they are gay. In investigating, Monique learned that every employee receives mandatory diversity training, yet complaints such as these continue to surface, even after the training is repeated.

Chapter Topics Related to the Case:

  • Discuss how a diverse workforce can provide a competitive advantage to a company like Monique’s.
  • Identify challenges associated with managing a diverse workforce.
  • Describe how managers can cultivate diversity.
  • Evaluate diversity training programs.

Case Discussion Questions:

1. How can promoting a diverse workforce help Niche Hotel Group succeed as a business?

2. Why do you think diversity training has not always prevented problems at NHG?

3. What should NHG do to improve its climate for diversity?

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