discussion 2 crafting a mission and vision for an organization 1

Discussion 2: Crafting a Mission and Vision for an Organization

In Discussion 1 of this week, you examined the mission and vision statements of various organizations and considered the implications of these statements for strategic planning. In this Discussion, you apply the insights you gained to the creation of an organization’s mission and vision statements.

Your Instructor has assigned you to a small group for this Discussion.

Note: You will develop individual mission and vision statements for your initial post. Through the collegial exchange that follows, you will offer each other suggestions for refinement. You will also work in this same small discussion group in Weeks 3 and 4.

To prepare:

  • Evaluate what you have learned thus far about the process of developing mission and vision statements.
  • Reflect on the case study presented in this week’s media.
  • Consider what information would help you to create rich and appropriate mission and vision statements for Mountain View Health Center, the organization featured in the case study. Conduct additional research as necessary to strengthen your understanding of the process of crafting mission and vision statements and to deepen your thinking about the organization. For instance, you may research organizations with similarities to Mountain View and examine their mission and vision statements.
  • Draft a mission statement and a vision statement for Mountain View Health Center. Make the statements as clear and concise as possible. For example, you may want to write one to three sentences for the mission statement and one sentence for the vision statement.
  • Consider what you have learned about the process of developing mission and vision statements
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