discussion about health services delivery by private for profit providers your thoughts

Please you must read the two articles so you can write your thoughts and ideas about health services provided in the private for-profit sector in those countries or others. The two articles explained health services provided for profit sector. After reading the two articles write your thoughts and answer any of these questions below.

We are focusing on health services provided in the private for-profit sector. While the emphasis is on health services delivery linked to the HSS framework and building blocks we also want to consider the role of the for-profit and corporate sector in other aspects of health systems, e.g. drugs, new technologies, health information systems, data gathering and analysis, research and development. Clearly there are many aspects to explore.

The role of profit in health systems has a long and sometimes contentious history in public/global health circles.

1. Is this skepticism driven by evidence or ideology or both?

2. How does the for-profit sector address the challenges/skepticism?

3. What is the states role in regulating, monitoring and evaluating for-profit provision of care?

4. Are there fundamental equity differences that arise from a pluralistic approach to health services delivery? What is the appropriate public policy response?

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