Discussion Assignment 16

Mass media for the most part exists through generating revenue. A common way to generate revenue of course is to have someone sponsor all or part of the product. In early radio and television there was a common phrase used as the programs took a break “and now a word from our sponsors.” Overtime the term sponsor was replaced by advertisers. Advertising is seen in all forms of media from the 30-60 second spots on radio and television, to product placement ads in movies and video games, and of course all those pop-up ads on our computers and smart phone apps.

  • Find and review a television commercial that uses an emotional appeal such as fear. Explain from a psychological perspective why the commercial would actually work.
  • Explain the theoretical basis of persuasion used in advertising. Find two ads, one that uses the central route and one that uses the peripheral route. Why is it almost impossible to find a commercial that uses the central route in a television or radio ad?
  • Explain how a commercial can be deceptive or misleading but still not cross the line of illegally providing false information.
  • From a psychological viewpoint, explain why people purchase a product or service or accept the message even when the information is misleading.

Please cite all sources in APA format, and attach a Turnitin.com Report. 

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