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Companies use information systems to improve workflow. Important parts of workflow are analyzing a process and identifying roles that make that process happen (Analyzing Process Improvement Supported by IT, 2020). A successful workflow is one that moves from one step to the next in the most efficient way. Companies use information systems to improve their workflow and therefore giving them a competitive advantage.

For example, let’s look at Chick-fil-a drive-thru system. According to Sean Ward, one of the reasons Chick-fil-a can efficiently run their drive-thru lanes is because of the information systems that they use. If you have been to Chick-fil-a recently, you might have noticed that they have a few employees with tablets taking customers’ orders. “The technology allows team members to go up to a customers’ window, take their order and relay it to the kitchen, all while maintaining one-on-one service As the order-taker walks the line, another team member comes to the customers’ car to take payment, allowing cars to move through twice as fast as they do at a traditional speaker box drive-thru. Chick-fil-a calls this “face-to-face” ordering (Ward, 2017).” Chick-fil-a’s realized that the original “as-is” drive-thru process was not allowing them to grow. Developing their “to-be” process of the “face-to-face” system helped increase workflow, giving them a huge competitive advantage over other drive-thru restaurants. Providing faster service even with longer lines is very appealing to hungry customers.


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