div assignment 1

For Idea Day, each student must come up with an idea for a product or service that is not currently in the marketplace.

1. The Idea has to be original and feasible (a transporter from Star Trek or an invisibility inducing cologne or perfume are not currently feasible) … do a modicum of research to verify the product/service does not exist. State how you came up with the idea.

2. Write a minimum 800 word paper which is equivalent to about 2 pages of double spaced type written material.

3. Describe the product/service in some amount of detail. You can discuss only the product/service if you chose or any combination of the following in the paper: potential distribution methods, price and pricing strategies, promotional strategies, or any of the environmental factors that may affect the product/service such as political/legal aspects, social/cultural aspects, technological aspects, competitive aspects, and economic forces.

4. You must have a minimum of two references for the paper and the references must be cited in the paper and listed in a REFERENCES section at the end of the paper. The references and in-text citations must be in APA format.

5. The paper must use good grammar and complete sentences except where appropriate.

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