doctoral prospectus

Doctoral Study Prospectus 5-7 pages

My proposed topic is:

Rural Healthcare Services: Providing a Framework for Cost, Quality, and Access in Nigeria healthcare system. (could be appropriately modified by studypool tutor to meet quality capstone writing standard)

Develop your Prospectus by selecting a suitable data set. To determine an appropriate data set, there are a number of questions that you will need to answer. For example, is your research question of global scale? Or will you focus on a local community? Are you focusing on a single hospital, or a hospital system? Are you looking at the Medicare population within a state, or comparing states? Do you have command of the language used in the data set? Are the data current enough or old enough for your needs?

As a health professional, you have access to a wide range of secondary data sources, including government agencies, such as the Census Bureau or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and private sources, including local health service providers. Global and international data are available from familiar sources, such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations. In addition, nearly every nation maintains statistics on social, economic, and environmental indicators, which contain a wealth of health information.

Prospectus: Title

Problem Statement

Insert the text of your problem statement here. Please list the actual problem as it relates to your study variables along with supporting references published within the last 5 years. List study variables, independent and dependent variables.)

Purpose of the Study

Insert the text of your purpose of the study here.


The purpose and significance of your study here. Must be quantitative and use a secondary dataset.


The background of your study here. (In 2-3 sentences, how does each reference contribute or relate to background of your topic?


The framework of your study here. What is the theory you will use to base your study on?

Research Question(s) and Hypotheses

The research questions and hypotheses here. What is the association between variable A on Variable B? Identify 2 variables and study the relationship/correlation/impact of them on each other.)

Nature of the Study

The nature of your study here.

Secondary Data Types and Sources of Information

The secondary data types and sources of information for your study here.

Limitations, Challenges, and/or Barriers

Any limitations, challenges, and/or limitations for your study here.


Insert your reference list here.

(References need to be within the last five years.

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