dominant spanish accounts 1

P= Purpose(s) of text

A= Audience(s) of text

S= Subject matter of text

S= Stance of author toward text

K= Key passage of text (and why it is key!)

E= Elaborate on at least 3 questions and/or comments

Y= Your connection to the text (not so much did you identify with something in the text, but did it remind you of something–another text, another course, an experience, the news, etc.)

In this week’s readings, Cortes moves his men from Cempoala into the territory of the Tlascalans, the traditional enemy of the Aztecs. After fighting with them, he winds up making peace with them. He seems to think it is because he won, but some interpreters think the Tlascalans were testing the Spanish to see what kind of allies they would make against the Aztecs. In any case, Cortes tries to play the allies of the Aztec against the Tlascalans, and vice versa. In Cholula, a massacre occured. You have read Cortes, Diaz, and Gomara in their account that says the Spanish were not at fault. You have read the account by Las Casas and by the next generation descendants of the Mexica/Aztecs that puts the blame on the Spanish. Let’s step back from the question of blame, though, and see if we can figure out what happened.

How do you think events unfolded?

Which accounts are you drawing from primarily in putting it together the way you do?

Are some accounts more detailed, helping you to piece things together?

Are some authors more believable?

Why did you wind up relying on some accounts more than others?

Please choose Diaz or Gomara for the first part than answer all questions from the 3 reading. No need for citing. Only need 2 to 3 paragraphs for questing.

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