Donut Delights Inc Has Determined That When X Donuts Are Made Daily The Profit P 2

Donut Delights, Inc. has determined that when x donuts are made daily, the profit P, in

dollars is given by

P(x) = –0.002 x2 + 4.1x – 1200

(a) What is the company’s profit if 600 donuts are made daily?

(b) How many donuts should be made daily in order to maximize the company’s profit? Please show work.


Answers:a) x = 6002 P (600 )=−0.002 ( 600 ) + 4.1 ( 600 )−1200=−0.002 ( 360000 ) +2460−1200=−720+2460−1200=540The profit when the company made 600 donuts is $540We can check this…

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