education law 7

1. What works about the current system of accreditation? What doesn’t work?

2.Read one of the following articles and provide your critique in a new thread.

3. Identify an article published in the last 3 years (at most) relating to federal and/or state higher education research funding — the article could focus on n a controversy, scandal, compliance requirement, etc.

–Summarize the article and offer some thoughts/insights about that article

4. Identify a University’s research funding/grant website and peruse it to find what tips/requirements/guidance/support universities offer faculty/researchers

–Provide a high level overview of what you’ve found

5. Based upon your review of the NSF policies and procedures (particularly the last chapter on misconduct), what’s at risk to colleges and universities if they fail to comply with certain federal funding requirements (including reporting requirements)? Identify another article/news story about such an instance of non-compliance and share with your classmates what the fall out wa

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