ehr privacy

Question 1: Explain CMS quality-based reporting requirements. How does the EHR support the capture and reporting of data to registries that are used to determine quality-based performance?

Question 2: Explain how the CMS Promoting Interoperability program and its security requirements impact EHR design and use. Explain the role of encryption in storing secured data. Explain the importance of making ethical decisions to comply with security requirements when using EHR systems. How could aspects of a Christian worldview help inform ethical decision making in this situation?

Question 3: The purpose of this assignment is to understand how legislation has driven EHR design and use.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides) reflecting on the legislation that has affected the privacy and security of EHRs. Each slide should include speaker notes. Address the following:

How did the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Computer-Based Patient Record Institute (CPRI) lead the way in the conceptualization of EHRs?

Describe the HITECH Act and how it has impacted EHR design and use.

Explain the pros and cons of the HITECH Act. Provide at least two pros and two cons.

Describe Promoting Interoperability (formerly called Meaningful Use) as outlined in the HITECH Act.

Describe at least five different types of security measures, and include the components of each security measure

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