emerging roles in health care

Compose a thorough response to the topic in 2-3 paragraphs for each . Responses must be substantiated with scholarly references. In text citation is mandatory.

1-The 2015 Survey of Registered Nurses offers viewpoints on retirement, education, frustrations, and emerging roles. About 72% of nurses in this survey demonstrated awareness of new and emerging roles for nurses, and more than 60% expressed that they would enter a training program for these roles if one were available. More than 50% of the nurses also indicated that they think that the quality of nursing care has declined since they began their nursing careers. Considering the ongoing shortage of nurses, what strategies can nurse leaders employ to address the top five frustrations highlighted in this document? How can the role of a Chief Retention Officer address these issues?

2-What is consumer advocacy? What is the role of nurses in consumer advocacy? What are the barriers to consumer advocacy? What strategies can nurses employ to be effective consumer advocates and to maximize their impact on health systems and population health? Provide a specific example illustrating effective consumer advocacy to promote population health. What is the role of the nursing profession in creating an informed citizenry that is empowered to advance well-being within individuals, families, and communities? Review this list to learn more about National Consumer Organizations.

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