employee performance 3

Preparing to Evaluate the Performance of Employees

Your task for this unit is to obtain a performance evaluation form for any employment position (recreation, tourism, sport, or event management positions). While it is possible to find this type of document on the Internet, it is usually considered an internal document for any company, business or organization. Therefore, it is likely that you’ll have to contact an organization specifically and share with a professional at that organization why you are requesting such a document. Many professionals (especially those in our field and settings) will be happy to share the information when they know you want it for a class assignment. You can contact a professional organization via phone or email to access a digital copy of an evaluation.

In a summary report you are to 1) provide a summary of the organization using the form, 2) critique the performance evaluation tool based upon the information provided in your text, class lecture, and the information shared with you from the professional profiles, and 3) a brief discussion of how you might utilize this form and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. In your critique of the form, do not simply describe the instrument, but identify its strengths and weaknesses based upon what you have learned. This is your opportunity to think critically as well as apply course material to your performance evaluation form.

When you finish the assignment, you should have 2 files: the evaluation form and your critique of that form. MERGE THEM INTO ONE PDF FILE

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