eng 1102 poetry

There are 2 requirement for my question:

1/ For each of the poems listed, answer the questions. Upload a PDF or DOC/DOCX file. You should Google the titles; they are all publicly available.

“The Author to Her Book”

How and why does Bradstreet use the metaphysical conceit of an illegitimate orphan to describe her book of poetry?
What does this poem reveal about Bradstreet’s view of herself and her role as a woman and a poet?

“Before the Birth of One of Her Children”

What is she afraid of? How does this shape the poem’s concerns?
What instructions does she give concerning her children? Why?
What concern does she have for her husband?
What role does her faith play in this poem?

“To My Dear and Loving Husband,” “A Letter to Her Husband, Absent Upon Public Employment,” “Another,” “Another (II)”

How does the first poem reflect on the couple’s essential love and unity?
How does her economy of style shape this poem?
How is their unity and relationship pictured in the conceits of the second poem?
How does the poem’s theology undergird its eroticism?
How do the two “Another” poems describe Bradstreet’s sense of distance and longing for her husband?
What images are used in these two poems? What do they reveal about the feelings of unity and distance the couple must feel?

“To her Father With Some Verses”

What does the monetary metaphor reveal about the daughter-father relationship?
How would you characterize Bradstreet’s feelings towards her father?
In Memory of My Dear . . .” (4 poems)

How would you characterize Bradstreet’s attitude toward each death?
How does she respond to God in each poem?
Is there a pattern across the four poems in regards to loss, faith, and hope? Why or Why not?

“Here Follows Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House July 10th, 1666”

How does she describe the events of the fire?
How does her faith respond to the loss?

2/Follow the instructions for posting in discussions and for composing two full replies to classmates’ comments and answer the following.

  1. Considering the acronym T.U.L.I.P. for the Puritanical Doctrine of Grace, does Bradstreet’s poetry function as “righteous” expression rather than “sinful”? Explain briefly.
  2. Do you see any parallels between Metaphysical poetry (extended metaphors and conceits, hyperbole, and paradoxes) and Bradstreet’s verses? Briefly illustrate (list) them?
  3. How formal (having form in rhyme and measure) would you argue Bradstreet’s poetry is? How does this work when she is writing primarily about domestic topics?

Extra: What words did you have to look up? What, if anything, surprised you?

When you have the answer for discussion, I will post 2 comments of my classmates and after that, you answer that.

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