eng220 advanced composition and research 1

Welcome to this week’s Task! In the Task you will write an outline and an annotated bibliography for a persuasive paper.

Select a topic for a 500-700 word persuasive argument. The topic choice is yours. You can consider me your audience, or you can hypothetically write to a different audience. Here are some topic ideas. You may choose one or you may choose a completely different topic.

  • Persuade your instructor to buy organic foods.
  • Persuade children to brush their teeth.
  • Persuade your neighborhood to start recycling.

Read Why and How to Create a Useful Outline.

Review the job aid for this course and determine which of the approaches you will use for this paper.

Once you have watched the video and determined an approach for your paper, you will create an outline including your thesis statement and conclusion.

Create an annotated bibliography for your persuasive paper. An annotated bibliography should contain at least 5 potential sources. Sources must be credible – Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for college level writing.

Upload your outline and annotated bibliography

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