english 124 15

Using your main ideas from the Project Introduction and the relevant sources from the Annotated Bibliography, you will construct a rough draft of your Rogerian essay and post it here. These two previous assignments were designed to function as the building blocks of this Rogerian essay. You will not copy the exact same wording from your Project Introduction, but rather, use the main concepts you expressed within this assignment as the foundation of your Rogerian essay draft. Also, ideally, you can use all of the sources you located for your Annotated Bibliography in your Rogerian essay draft. However, if some of the sources are not a good fit for the essay, you are not obligated to use them in the draft. You also may locate additional sources for the Rogerian essay, as needed.

Rogerian Essay: In this type of essay, the writer attempts to find common ground between

seemingly conflicting ideas of an argument. This marks a contrast to the more linear, traditional

Aristotelian debate. In this argument style, the writer seeks to recognize the multiplicity of

views as well as the reader’s freedom to choose among those views. You are required to include

6-8 cited sources, and at least four of these must be peer-reviewed sources. One source must be an unconventional source. You are free to use the sources identified in your annotated bibliography, but you may need to find some other sources that more

closely fit the objectives of your paper. Length: 4 pages (plus Works Cited) = 5 pages

Topic name is :Effects of Verbal Bullying in School

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