english critical thinking eco feminism problem solution essay

Prompt: Problem/Solution — With the interventions into our environment/eco-systems that is devastating our natural environment, do you think it Is it time for a radical shift in values and perception? If so, would eco-feminism be an effective solution to the desecration of nature and facilitate well-being of our planet and eco-system?

In your paper, define and describe the Problem. * Then state what is the Solution. * Then develop an argument step-by-step with examples and clear reasoning why the solution you suggest is viable and effective. * If there are weaknesses in argument, state it and explain how such can be mitigated (alleviated). Why is this solution the best of any other? If at all.

Examine and write critically with substantive supporting information while you weave within your paper reasonable and verifiable supports for your brilliant essay. I have shared many ideas with you – THESE are RELATED. FOCUS. Don’t be carried away with what you think you know. Read – Clarify – Define clearly your point.

NOTE: Your paper is a critical analysis of humans’ effect on bio-diversity.
Read carefully all sources provided.
Reflect on the ideas and provide clear examples and reasoning for your paper. Some links do not offer a sunny picture. And others offer solutions to the big problems man has created. Review these and find more links on your own.
Explain in great detail and provide adequate supports. Remember your evidence has to be valid, relevant, convincing.

Please STICK to the PROMPT. Do NOT make up your own. This is NOT a paper on pollution or climate change but on a way of managing systems that are destructive. Read each part of the prompt carefully. It truly applies to all of you.

You are required to use 4-5 the links I provided. Also find 3-4 of your own. NOTE: this paper is NOT about your religious affiliation or interest. It is a paper to explore your responsibilities and creative capacities in life. You must write this essay in the 3rd person, not first.

What I Look for:

1 ~ A clear and strong introduction with a fine thesis statement that tells me what your particular paper is about.

2 ~ Complete paragraphs, which develop points clearly and completely that are raised by the thesis statement.

3 ~ As the prompt is a definition/Cause-effect/problem-solution paper, you must also make sure you satisfy all parts of the prompt. Review transitions and use appropriately.

4 ~ Use in-text citations to avoid plagiarism and provide Works Cited at the end of the essay. Do not provide a Bibliography but a Works Cited.

An essay without in-text citations and Works Cited will be seen as plagiarized.

5 ~ Write a super conclusion that you arrive at following good reasoning and development of ideas. Do not write a conclusion with: “In conclusion” or “My final point is” or “To conclude.”

6 ~ A wonderful title that invites reader to want to read and that indicates the focus of your particular paper. Avoid writing the most obvious title from my prompt.

Requirements to Complete Your Paper:
Your essay will be about 1850-2100 words (7 pages) typed in the MLA style. No more than 2100 (max). Edit for clarity, meaning, grammar.

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