english expository writing 6

1.Submit an annotated copy of this article excerpt from Slate about multi-tasking and learning

  • Actively read and annotate this article excerpt from Slate magazine. You should highlight or underline the names of important people and key words. Take marginal notes in your own words about main ideas and persuasive evidence.
  • Please include your name at the top of the document so that when I open it, I know whose work I’m looking at. Thx!
  • Here is a link to the entire article if you’re interested in learning more about this field of research, but you’re not required to read the whole thing.
    Slate article excerpt_Paper #3.docx Slate article excerpt_Paper #3.docx

2. After actively reading the Slate article excerpt, plan and write a summary paragraph draft. (Do not write the application paragraph yet.)


  • Referring only to your highlighting and marginal notes, identify the most important content from the article excerpt. Include a list of those main ideas at the top of the page above your summary draft. Label this first list: A.
  • Below that initial list, re-organize the topics so that they appear in a different order and possibly in different combinations. Think about what order of topics would work well in your summary. Label this second list: B.
  • Based on list B, write a draft of your summary paragraph. Include transitions between topics, ideas, and examples.
  • Pay close attention to how much you are changing the original text in your paraphrase. You need to change more than the vocabulary. That’s one reason why it’s so important to re-organize the information.

3. Directions: After actively reading the Slate article excerpt, answer the following questions. They are intended to help you generate content for your application paragraph, so include any examples you can think of.

  1. Do you tend to multi-task (switch tasks frequently) when you do school work? What tasks do you switch between? Consider the following activities: reading text books and/or articles; doing calculations; answering assigned questions; reviewing for a test; and/or writing papers.
  2. If you multi-task when doing school work, why do you think that is? If you don’t multi-task during school work, why not? Either way, is it a conscious decision? Include examples whenever possible.
  3. Have you noticed any impact from this multi-tasking on your school work? In other words, do you think it helps or hinders your performance? Give specific examples.
  4. Do you think you should multi-task less during school work? Why or why not?
  5. Do you think schools (K-12 and higher ed) should do anything to encourage students to multi-task less when studying? Why or why not? Give examples that illustrate your point of view, even if they are hypothetical examples (imagined).


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