english writing 66

1. revised Paper #2 summary

  • Re-read your answer to Question #4 in your Week Nine reflection on Paper #1 feedback.
  • Based on your conclusions in that reflection, evaluate your current Paper #2 summary draft.
  • Identify any areas with room for improvement based on the applicable feedback from Paper #1.
  • Revise the summary paragraph to address those areas.
  • **At the top of the page, above the revised summary paragraph, please include 2-3 bullets that explain what Paper #1 summary feedback you applied and what changes you made as a result. Thank you! Suzy
  • p.s. You are welcome to submit your application paragraph along with the summary paragraph since they are likely already in the same document. Or you can submit the summary by itself. Either way is fine.

2. Self-Review of Paper #2 Application Paragraph Draft (according to Paper #2 Grading Rubric)

  • Do a self-review of the application paragraph draft you wrote and submitted to eLearning in Week #9. You’ll be re-submitting that paragraph, but with marginal notes that indicate your evaluation of the paragraph according to the grading criteria in the rubric.
  • Open the Paper #2 grading rubric and evaluate your application draft according to the criteria in the “Application Paragraph” category and in the “Both Summary Paragraph & Application Paragraph” category.
  • Carefully review your application paragraph about the role of grit in your life. Use the “Insert Comment” feature in Word to include your assessment of your paragraph for each criterion.
  • For instance, your first comment might be about the topic sentence. It could read: “Included that grit played a positive role in my life, but didn’t indicate to what degree it helped me. Need to add that it was essential to my success.”
  • Include comments about what meets the requirements and looks good as well as what doesn’t meet the requirements and has room for improvement. A thorough self-review will be very useful to you in the revision process.

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