environment radiation society assignment

In Class Assignment

Geology 1207

As you know Radon and uranium in well waters can be an environmental and health issue.

1) In Nova Scotia there are several types of uranium occurrences. Look at the map 1 of the

province and list the various deposit types and give their general location. What rock types might

host the different deposits


Plot the numbers beside each well site on the map for example


N .018 U

2659 Rn


The limit for uranium in water has been determined to be 0.02 ppm. Draw an all inclusive

polygon (or contour) around all of the well sites greater than the acceptable limit. (Use pencil or

coloured pen).


The limit of radon that is considered safe is 1900 bacquerels per litre. Draw an all inclusive

polygon around all of the well sites greater than the acceptable limit. (Use a different colour

pencil or coloured pen than used for uranium).


How do the two contours correspond to each other? (Shape, size, rock type)


There are numerous building lots available in this area. If radon and uranium were the main

criteria for location, where would you build your house and w

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