essay on international relations compare and contrast two articles

For this essay you need to write 1000 word essay comparing and contrasting two articles

·Length: 1,000 words (include a wordcount) MLA

Question: , “The End of Hubris: And the New Age of American Restraint,” and Joseph S. Nye, The rise and fall of American hegemony from Wilson to Trump,” give different descriptions of the current international system, different explanations for what is going on, and different predictions for the future. Contrast and compare both these readings — examine how they differ and why. The authors fundamentally disagree with each other, so figure out exactly where they disagree, and why. Use the concepts we have learned in this class to explore how these two articles compare. Most importantly, tell us which one you find more convincing, and why.

There is no single “right” answer, but your grade will depend on how well you make and support your argument. The key point is to dissect one reading carefully and truly understand the logic and argument

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