ethics reflection 3 2


Ethics Reflection Assignments assess your understanding of the ethics content covered in this course (e.g., ethical principles, ethical codes, ethics decision-making). Each assignment consists of short essay questions which cover the conceptual content in the lectures and readings on ethics. You will have one week to complete the Ethics Reflection Assignments.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Why is it important for counselors to understand themselves as cultural beings as part of their development of cultural competence?
  2. Discuss the concept of White Privilege. How can a counselor’s status as a privileged individual in society affect the counseling relationship and process?
  3. Describe an assumption a counselor could make with a client that could be categorized as maximization and one that could be categorized as minimization. Compare and contrast the dangers of these implicit assumptions to the counseling relationship and counseling process.

You are welcome to use the text to answer this question. If you use material from the text, be sure to cite the information in your paper using APA formatting. There is no minimum requirement for this assignment in terms of length. However, please be sure that you answer EVERY part of the question(s) and be sure to use supporting resources to make your argument or opinion stronger.

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