Evaluation Of Methods Of Assessing Risk In Business Evaluation Of Approaches To Mana 2942355

A start up business has requested your support in advising them about risk assessment and how it should be managed in their new business. You are to carry out research and produce a report for the company directors. You should refer to relevant theory in the report, for example, risk management frameworks. Your report must cover: • an explanation of risk management • how risk management affects different business functions • evaluation of methods of assessing risk in business • evaluation of approaches to managing risk in business This assignment covers assessment criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1and 2.2. The report should be referenced appropriately and a bibliography must be attached. Assignment 2 Risk Assessment You are to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment for a business with which you are familiar OR one which has substantive information in the public domain. The risk assessment must include: • all the main drivers of business risk • impact of the different types of risk • analysis of severity and likelihood of risk • suggested risk management strategies • approaches to crisis management • impact of breaks in business continuity Document Preview:

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