every instruction is there please follow properly


In the case analysis task, you have to do research on the consequences of the Coronavirus Epidemic for the business operations of multinational enterprises. Your task is to obtain as much information as possible about how the epidemic has affected multinational enterprises from various online and print sources and prepare a written analysis of your findings. The case analysis (minimum 2500 words, maximum 3000) should involve the following components:

  • describe the economics consequences of the Coronavirus Epidemic on the world economy more generally
  • give specific examples of multinational enterprises that have been directly affected by the Coronavirus Epidemic and describe how they have been affected
  • summarize what you consider to be the main lessons to be learned from this Epidemic for multinational enterprises and what they can do to better prepare for this in the future

Hi, i have put my request in word doc

u can follow my request to write the paper

I need you use APA format 2 write this paper and also need u put references as much as possible in this paper.

i need high quality paper, so plz ….

i put alot of details in the word doc, u can just follow my direction to do.

by the way, u need 2 use different model to analysis, i have give u some advise about the model, and noted where u need 2 use it

just remind u should follow the word doc to write. and offer 2 or three examples, also need model to analysis. The examples also need u to talk about how did companies react, what did they do to overcome this trouble

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