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differences between Freud’s Psychosexual Stage Theory and Erikson’s Psychosocial Stage Theory.

They both developed theories about how personalities change and develop. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), considered the father of psychoanalysis, wrote that an individual’s personality development depends on the resolution of conflicts between childhood sexual urges and demands of society. He said that human development included FIVE distinct stages. Modern psychologist Erik Erikson adjusted and expanded Freud’s theories into EIGHT stages of development. Erikson focused on the influence of society and culture on human personality development.

For this discussion, you need to select an age but it needs to stay within Freud’s stages. Remember, he did not go beyond early adulthood (genital stage). Erikson is one of the few that went through late adulthood. After you select your age, then tell the class the stage of development the age fits into for both Freud and Erikson and give at least two similarities, two differences, and then give a personal example of the conflict for both theories (it does not have to be you, it can be anyone you know but please do not mention real names). The personal example needs to demonstrate the conflict and resolution.

Here’s an example:

I selected age 14. Therefore, this fits into the Latency Stage entering the Genital Phase for Freud’s stage theory and the Identity Vs. Role Confusion stage in Erikson’s model. The similarities between these stages are……….and the differences between these stages are………. By comparing and contrasting the psychosexual stage (Freud) with the psychosocial stage (Erikson), I learned….. This is also demonstrated in my own personal example while I observed my brother grow and develop at age 14. I noticed, from Freud’s view, my brother’s conflict was…………….. and his resolution was……………..From Erikson’s view, his conflict was….and the resolution was……………… I also see the criticisms of each because…………………..….

Your answer needs to take a deep dive. Consequently, I’m expecting at least a paragraph in this discussion. You must include references from your text or Group 3’s presentation on Freud and ONE outside resource. If this is not in your discussion, you will not get full points.

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