ewrt d002 critical reading writing and thinking

The ebook “Signs of Life” is attached.

#1: 1. In SL (Signs of Life), select two essays from Chapter One (“Consuming Passions” pp. 109-192). For the two selected essays, write an 8-sentence summary with at least 2 cited quotes Be sure the essay “Title,” author, and thesis are in the first sentence. See “Active Reading Questions” on page 58 and the five statements on page 55 for ideas.

EX: In Troy Patterson’s essay “The Politics of the Hoodie,” he writes, “the hoodie is to be feared for extinguishing individuality . . . “ (184). Patterson believes . . . . (write at least seven more sentences; this is to prepare for your first essay.) 2. Next, read the student essay pp. 70-75 titled “Alfred Lubrano . . . .” Copy down ten verbs that introduce quotes and paraphrases. Note correct page citations throughout.

#2: 1. In SL, select two essays from Chapter 2 (“Brought to You” pp. 193-301). For your two essays, write an 8-sentence summary with 2 cited quotes. 2. Next, note the Works Cited entries pp. 104-108. Note the authors Cross, Easterbrook, Shames, and St. John, and how these four authors correlate with the entry Maasik, except you should have the 9th ed., 2018. Construct a practice Works Cited using your four selected essays from Chapter 1 and 2, adding the Maasik entry. Observe ABC order and proper indentation.

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