exploring solutions for anti intellectualism research essay

Exploring solutions. FOLLOW THIS!!!!!

Now that you have defined your problem, you must shed light on the solutions being discussed.

  • Think of the conclusion of your “Defining a problem” paper as a place to begin an exploration of solutions.Use other information from Essay 2 in the introduction of Essay 3 as needed to introduce the problem.Your Essay 3 introduction might be two paragraphs.
  • Your thesis should be a question about the solution? “What solution will work best?” “What solution is a good one to try first?”etc.
  • Explore the solutions to this problem with 5/8 sources (two must be scholarly).This exploration should be about 1500 words.
  • You need to cover at least 4-6 solutions.
  • After you introduce each solution, comment on its effectiveness.Consider these questions:
  • Think carefully about what order to put the solutions in?Similar solutions should be next to one another, for example.
  • Has the solution been tested?
  • Are there obstacles to the solution?
  • Will the solution cause other problems?
  • Is the solution affordable?
  • Is the solution doable?
  • Is the solution on-track?


  • 1500-word essay
  • Works Cited page with 5-8 sources
  • Two scholarly articles
  • Solutions should be in a conversation, in that each solution should be talked about in light of all solutions.Use the “Ways to Respond” method to give your educated opinion of each solution.Your “I Say” should start and finish each paragraph.Don’t feel you must make each solution a separate paragraph.Many solutions may be similar.Also, you may include solutions that don’t specifically address your particular problem but that might work as a solution.
  • In the conclusion, about 10 sentences, suggest a solution. This solution might be a particular one, a combination of many, a particular one that you have tweaked, or it even might be a brand-new solution that you figured out.The solution might even be that your problem can’t be solved until X is done. The conclusion should only explain briefly why the solution is the best. That is the next essay. Use this language:“The evidence suggests that ____________________ might be the best solution.The solution will _________________the problem of _________________________.
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