extra credit 35

In Chapter 3 of your textbook, pages 78-79, you learned about presentence investigations (PSI). The following is a real PSI report that was completed prior to the sentencing of one of my former clients. I have changed the names and other identifiers because presentence reports are not available to the public.

After thoroughly reviewing the report, please follow the “Extra Credit Assignment” link and submit a Word document that tells me:

1. As the officer completing the PSI in this case, what would your sentencing recommendations be? In answering this question, you are to apply concepts from Chapter 4 of your textbook. Pay attention to the maximum sentence that he can receive—you cannot sentence him to more than the maximum that the crimes allow for. You can recommend a sentence that includes some of intermediate sanctions discussed, incarceration, or a combination of both.

2. What factors from the information in the PSI report did you use to support each part of your recommended sentence?

There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but you must demonstrate that you are able to apply the concepts from materials that we covered in Chapter 4 (and any other concepts from other chapters that you feel are relevant) to the facts in this case. Pay attention to the grading rubric below, and have fun with this!

Discussion Board Grading Rubric


350 word length minimum.


Follows assignment instructions; all parts of the assignment are addressed.


Demonstrates understanding of the concepts from Chapter 4 by applying them to the facts contained in the PSI.


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