family and child article review summaries

This paper has a few components.

  1. You should take notes or highlight key areas. Please be sure to submit the links or a pdf of the articles with your submissions.
  2. You will complete the article review summary in a template that will include key article details as well as some of your own critiques and observations. Note: Please submit typewritten notes and responses. You can organize using bullet points and narrative summaries, as appropriate.
  3. Please refer to the article components checklist to be sure you are considering key areas within each article. (See separate document.)
  4. Summary of Assignment: In your summaries, you can use bullet points and full narratives to report the required information. While bullet points will work for some sections, you should discuss the findings and your critiques in paragraph format. Be selective and focus on key points
    • ̈ Required Text: F. Walsh, Ed. (2015). Normal Family Processes: Growing Diversity andComplexity: Fourth Edition. The text is available in the UMB Bookstore and via the Healey Library.
    • ̈ M. A. Fine & F.D. Fincham, Eds. (2013). Handbook of Family Theories. This text will be referred to on class presentations and during discussion. The text is on e-reserve via Healey Library.


Psych 441-01: Article Summary Components

I.Title/Authors/Journal Title/Year of Publication (in APA format)

II.Key Terms

III.Introduction (Should refer to the theory or prior research guiding the study, any research hypothesis (hypotheses) and/or research questions for the study)

IV.Method (You should note how the authors describe the Participants/Sample, the Materials, Procedures, and any Measures and/or Apparatus. You can be selective, but you should specify the important instruments or measures.)


  1. Participants/Sample
  2. Procedures
  3. Apparatus/Measures/Instruments
  4. Data Analyses (brief notes)

V .Results/Findings

VI.Discussion, Implications, Critiques This can be expanded when you complete the full literature review paper.

VII.References (refer to the depth of the references; you do not have the list these)

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