film analysis paper 01

Film: A Simply Life (Tou Ze)

The assignment is to write a short analytical essay (1 pages , 3-5 paragraphs), Word count: 400 based on the sequence found below (please scroll down for assigned sequence). You may watch the sequence as many times as needed. When complete, please upload your essay to Canvas.

As discussed in lecture, in your essay please explain (A) what theme or themes you think the sequence is helping the film to explore, and (B) how—using what kinds of film techniques—it is exploring the theme or themes. Recall that themes are the larger ideas a film is exploring. Each of your paragraphs should consist of at least 4-5 complete sentences, and your essay should be at least 3 paragraphs. Please state clearly what theme or themes you think the scene is exploring in the first sentences of your first paragraph. In your last paragraph, please make clear why this scene, and the theme it expresses or explores, is important for the film as a whole.

To explain how the scene is expressing or exploring the theme or themes, you should refer to the film elements and techniques introduced in CHN 151, including:

  • Characters & stories (narratives, story-lines)
  • Mise-en-scene (setting/locations; props/décor; lighting; costumes/makeup; acting, figure behavior)
  • Shots/cinematography (distance between camera and subject; tone, film speed, perspective; camera movement)
  • Sound
  • Editing

Please note: Your analysis does not need to cover every technique or element listed here; you are free to choose those that you think are most important or meaningful in terms of helping the scene to express the theme or themes. Still, you will need to describe as clearly and in as much detail as you can how the elements you choose help the scene to express or explore the theme or themes.

Please begin your essay on p. 3 of this packet; students are encouraged to use the back of this sheet for taking notes on the sequence and outlining your short essay. Extra sheets of paper will be provided upon request; please make sure that your name is on everything you submit.

Essays will be evaluated based on the extent to which they achieve the following aims:

  • Offer an interpretation of the film’s theme(s) that is original, interesting, and convincing
  • Explain clearly and convincingly how film elements or cinematic techniques used in the sequence generate meanings that relate to the film theme(s) under discussion
  • Call attention to meaningful, specific and relevant details in the sequence
  • Use film terms accurately
  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the film as a whole
  • Explain clearly and convincingly how the sequence under discussion fits into or relates to the film as a whole
  • Is written and organized as clearly as possible (under the test-taking circumstances)
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