final project 317

Please respond to the following three prompts, due on-line in Canvas by midnight on Tuesday 3/17. Each of your responses should be no more than three pages double spaced.

1. Researchers at the School of Education have been funded to design a state-of- the-art measurement system to improve our understanding of undergraduate student experiences and outcomes. The research is currently designing survey questionnaires and other instruments to field with a sample of UCI undergraduates in the Fall. Based on the readings and class discussions, what types of things would sociologists, economists, psychologists and historians want to ask undergraduate students about? In what ways would information from this study help UCI improve undergraduate education? How might the focus of the survey we field next year be similar or different than one researchers might have deployed in the beginning of the twentieth century? Please be sure to cite class readings in your response.

2. How has racial segregation and growing economic inequality contributed to inequalities in educational conditions and outcomes? Cite research and scholarship covered in class from at least three of the four disciplines (i.e., economics, history, psychology, sociology) in your response.

3. This course has analyzed the ways in which four different disciplines consider education policy and practice. Imagine that you are teaching in a school and have been asked to help to develop policies to address important school issues, including a high drop out rate and a large immigrant population. Choose one of those two issues and discuss how each of the disciplines might think about school policies. Your answer should draw on the lecture themes that Professors Arum, Duncan, Eccles and Malczewski presented.

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