final research paper about fibers

Prepare a 12-15 page paper on one of the areas of trace evidence discussed in this course and in the NAS Report on Forensic Science. The paper should contain the following:

A discussion of the current methods of analysis for the FIBER ANALYSIS, Fibers page 161 (183 on pdf) nas report. the issues discussed in the NAS Report on Forensic Science regarding that type of evidence, and a discussion of how these issues are being evaluated currently in the forensic science community.

• 12-15 pages of text in length
• Clear introduction, body, and conclusion
• Sources start on page 13 (not included in the 12-page length requirement)
• Cited sources in text in APA format
• Cited sources (Works cited) in APA format (see Canvas for guide)
• 10 sources minimum (at least 4 from peer reviewed science Journals not including the NRC report)
• This is a research paper – there should be no quotes within the body of the paper UNLESS you are directly quoting someone’s opinion. All information that you obtain from your references should be reworded using your own words as well as cited within the body of the paper. Failure to properly cite within the body of the paper (giving credit to the authors of your references) will result in a grade deduction of 20% of the possible paper grade (5 points)

I attached the outline template and the sources that has been chosen earlier and the NAS report

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ASSIGNMENT IS WORTH 24% OF MY GRADE. so please be careful and read the instructions carefully

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