Flexural Capacity Is Rather Insensitive To Sive Strength And Addition Of Compression 2559179

1. Flexural capacity is rather insensitive to sive strength. and addition of compression steel. faximum curvature increases with an increase in beam widthst,rceonngcthrebteuct oamrepdruescstiivoen strength, and the addition of compression steel. An increase in yield strength 01 steel leads to an increase in An increase in l’IMCliVe dlpih leads It) ineleaSe in strength but no or little change in curvature capacity. in ma‘inmin curvature,
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All problems* (except Problems 3.1 and 3.2), are to be done in accordance with the ACI Code; all loads given are service loads, unless otherwise indicated. Wherever possible, basic principles are to be used for solutions, avoiding the direct use of formulas. All design problems require a clear statement of the final choice at the end of the calculations, along with a design sketch drawn to scale.
Review Problems in Mechanics of Materials
3.1 An elastic homogeneous beam of material capable of carrying both tension and corn-pression, has the dimensions shown in the figure for Problem 3.1; it is simply supported over a span of 20 ft (6 m) center-to-center
of supports. The beam carries a uniformly distributed load of 2 klf( kips per linear ft) (30 kN/m) in addition to a concentrated load of 10 kips (45 kN) located at 5 ft( 1.5 m) from the right end of the span.
* Most problems may be solved as problems stated in Inch-Pound units, or as problems in SI units using quantities in paren-theses. The metric conversions areapproximate to avoid implying higher precision for the given information in metric units than that for the Inch-Pound units.



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