Follow Coding Convention And Behavioral Requirements Provided In This Document And I 4093754

2. Assessment Criteria
This assessment will determine your ability to:
1. Follow coding, convention and behavioral requirements provided in this document and in the lessons.
2. Independently solve a problem by using programming concepts taught over the first several weeks of the course.
3. Write and debug Python code independently.
4. Document code.
5. Ability to provide references where due.
6. Meeting deadlines.
7. Seeking clarification from your “supervisor” (instructor) when needed via discussion forums.
8. Create a program by recalling concepts taught in class, understanding and applying concepts relevant to solution, analysing
components of the problem, evaluating different approaches.
3. Learning Outcomes
This assessment is relevant to the following Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts, syntax and control structures in programming
2. Devise solutions to simple computing problems under specific requirements
3. Encode the devised solutions into computer programs and test the programs on a computer
4. Demonstrate understanding of standard coding conventions and ethical considerations in programming.



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