food service and hospitality strategic marketing individual assignment 3 segmentation 1

This week’s readings present some very unique frameworks for segmenting your potential market. The articles on restaurant demographics and target markets include traditional demographic categories and some psychographics that are typical of these categories. The information from Technomic on Eater Archetypes includes some different methods of segmentation.

1.Fill your own demographic information into the categories listed in the “Demographics for Restaurants” article.( /


Income levels:(No Income)

Education and job types: (College student; No job)

Marital status: (Unmarried)

Size of household:(2)

Housing and renting prices: (2460$)

2. Review the list of psychographics included in the articles(( / Do the preferences associated with certain demographic groups match up with your preferences and your demographic groups?

3.Review the list of Eater Archetypes in the Technomic articles(in the files). Which one best describes you? Are the preferences associated with your Eater Archetype the same as your preferences?

4.What does the accuracy of these two frameworks say about the usefulness of this type of analysis? What does it say about the limitations? In your opinion, which is a more useful framework?

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