For The Isotropic Normal Consolidation Line Evaluate N And X For This Clay 2767121

Two samples of fully saturated, normally consolidated clay were isotropically consolidated to cell pressures of 150 and 300 kPa. The final void ratios were found to be 0.75 and 0.65, respectively.
(i) For the isotropic normal consolidation line, evaluate N and X for this clay. (5 marks)
(ii) The specimen that was consolidated to a cell pressure of 300 kPa, was subsequently sheared to failure under drained conditions, at the same cell pressure, and the deviator stress at failure (i.e. at the critical state) was found to be 368 kPa. Determine the value of M for this clay. (7 marks)
(iii) What would be the deviator stress at failure in a drained test for the specimen consolidated to 150 kPa. (8 marks)



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