Formal proposal-style report about Recruitment Challenge profile

 – Report should be approx. 1000-1200 words in total (this does not include the title page, references)


You work for a small company, XYZ Healthcare and you need to recruit over 75 new employees in the next 90 days to fulfill a contract you just received. Traditionally you have only advertised through word-of-mouth. Your VP, HR, Sandeep Aggrawal, has asked you to prepare a report on using social media as a recruitment tool. Your proposal should include specific recommendations (e.g. platforms and strategies) and costs as needed.

–  Add in pertinent details as you see fit (use your imagination!)

The Final Report should include:

– A cover page

– A brief introduction

– An overview of options including pros and cons

– A conclusion recommending one (1) option and why (use persuasive techniques)

– USE PATHOS, LOGOS, ETHOS in report!!!

– References in APA format cited within the report and at the end in a bibliography (use at least 3-4 academic scholarly sources)

– Appendices (include tables, graphs, etc.)

Double spaced throughout and uniformly formatted.

– Use headings as needed.

– Should be written in the tone of a formal report  

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