forum discussion question about william faulkner s barn burning 1939

They are two part of the job. You need to read the article, then write an answer about it(at least 125words not including quoted material). After you finish the question, I will give you 2 different answers from my classmates, you need to response their answer for at least 75 words not including quoted material. Note: I will upload a guideline, please read carefully.When you quote something, please include page number.

First part:

After reading William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning,” respond to the following: How is the rigid class structure evident in William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning” (1939) responsible for much of the story’s action/plot and characterization? Would you say the story does or does not invite us to criticize the classism it represents?

Characterization: the creation and explanation of a character or figure in a story; also, the description of the distinct nature or features of that character or figure.

Classism: systemic and individual discrimination against people belonging to a particular social class (including their culture); the rigid class structure that supports this discrimination.

Second part:

To response two different answers for at least 75 words not including quoted material.

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