fully explore each of the below questions ensure your responses are thoughtful 1

please be sure that the responses are 200 per question

  1. Is the Supreme Court the “least dangerous branch,” as once described by Alexander Hamilton? Justify your answer on the basis of the material in the chapter.
  2. From the reading, what are the checks on the powers of the judiciary? Are the checks adequate to prevent the abuse of judicial power? Explain.
  3. Which position makes the most sense to you, judicial activism or judicial restraint? Justify your position. Is a Republic or Democratic judge more likely to favor judicial restraint? Explain your answer.
  4. The chapter makes a case that federalism is “alive and well” in the relationship between state and federal courts. What evidence is available to support this position?

Chapter 11

  1. Distinguish between civil liberties and civil rights. Ensure to provide examples to each when explaining.
  2. Identify two constitutional rights (NOT liberties) that are most important to citizens. Explain why these two rights are the most important.
  3. Concerning civil liberties, should there be a change to the Constitution? If yes, explain the change or changes. If no, why not.
  4. Discuss how a state might constitutionally take a criminal defendant to trial without first providing that defendant with a grand jury hearing.
  5. How is it possible that a defendant in a state criminal trial could have rights that are not required by the U.S. Constitution?
  6. Concerning the civil rights statutes explored in this chapter, identify and discuss any that should be modified or eliminated.
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