global aviation regulation and law 1

For a recent merger between air carriers:( Question 1)

1_Identify the air carriers involved.

2-Identify a labor union representing either the pilots, mechanics or flight attendants at each carrier before the merger. (If employees in the craft you select were not represented by a union before the merger, indicate that)

3-Identify the surviving carrier

4-Identify the labor union representing that same craft of employees selected in b. above, following completion of the merger.

5-Determine how long it took between the merger agreement and completion of consolidation operations under the operating certificate of the surviving carrier.

6-Identify factors that delayed or expedited consolidation of operations under the operating certificate of the surviving carrier.

(Reference below separately under each part)

Identify a US company that is not mentioned in this chapter but is now conducting or preparing to conduct commercial space tourism flights. Identify and describe the current status of that company’s:( Question 2)


2-Launch vehicle(s) and techniques(s) (vertical or horizontal)


4-Actual commercial cargo – and/or passenger-carrying spaceflights conducted

5- Additional types of commercial cargo- and/or passenger-carrying spacecraft and spaceflight operations in development.(Reference below separately under each part)


please use a valid websites links that are openable as a reference (no payable books

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