global culture and ethics 6

The question includes three parts that are intentionally broad so that you have the flexibility to develop your own ideas, which we hope will coalesce into a well-structured analysis. (Please note that you are also being graded on flow, cohesion, grammar, and overall structure of your paper). Your essay must be typed, double-spaced and in Times New Roman 12-point font. Your answers must be in proper essay format, with a short introduction, body and short conclusion. Essays should have 1 inch margins on all sides. The essay is limited to 680 words. You have a 20-word cushion. Please do not use outside resources. When paraphrasing, cite author and page number. Please also highlight your key concepts and authors in bold font. Fallowing the rubric.

Question: Feminism (Waves), Global feminism, Universal Sisterhood, and Intersectionality (limited to 680 words)

How does feminism, as a movement and ideology, expose the tensions between the local and the global when it comes to forming alliances along the notion of “universal sisterhood” to achieve a more humane and unified world?In what way does an inclusive global feminist framework offer us a set of tools to both critique binary and dichotomized modes of organizing the world and tackle issues such as patriarchy, violence, inequality and intolerance?

To answer questions, make sure you:

(1) substantially engage three (3) articles of the reading. Please highlight your authors in bold font in the essay;

(2) discuss the notion of intersectionality (as analytical framework and/or concept in Feminist discourse) AND maternal colonialism;

(3) incorporate ideas and scenes from the film “Where Do We Go Now?” to strengthen your analysis.

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