going to college requires a different set of skills some of which many students have never encountered in an educational setting feeling underprepared for college can lead to anxiety fear and ultimately failure what are the most important habits need

Directions: Please write a formal academic essay in response to the following writing prompt. Your paper should follow MLA formatting and should be at least 4 pages in length.

  • Prompt: Going to college requires a different set of skills, some of which many students have never encountered in an educational setting. Feeling underprepared for college can lead to anxiety, fear and ultimately, failure. What are the most important habits needed to succeed in college, and how can underprepared students overcome the fear and anxiety that could lead to failure?
  • Supporting text: Please read and incorporate the following source into your essay: The College Fear Factor, by Rebecca Cox. It explains four strategies that students use to avoid fear and anxiety in college, Quiting/Scaling Back (33), Redefining Success (34), Avoiding Formal Assessment (35) and Working Through Fear (39). As you read, you will see some of the strategies are more successful than others.
    • College Fear Factor Article.pdfActions
      • Title: The College Fear Factor
      • Author: Rebecca Cox
      • Publisher: President and Fellows at Harvard College
      • Date and location: 2009 in The United States of America
  • Additional Texts: You are welcome, but not required, to conduct your own research for additional texts.

Task One: Create an outline plan to respond to the writing prompt. Your outline should provide details for your introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph, including a thesis statement with a plan of development, topic sentences for body paragraphs, and a restatement of the thesis statement in an effective conclusion. Consider the outlines that we used that provided reasons and evidence as models.

Task Three: Write your essay.

Task Four: Please write a 1/2 page reflection of your progress with writing this semester.

What to submit on the assignment page:

  • Fear Factor Article Analysis (Found at the top of the College Fear Factor Article)
  • Your Outline
  • Your Writer’s Checklist
  • Your Essay
  • Your Reflection
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